If I could fall down and fall apart, would I stay that way. If it was my sincere wish would the poison in me stop burning, could the weight upon me set it self free. If I could convince this indivisible skeleton to stay apart would my bones turn to dust. Could my anger disperse on the wind.

There is a question as to my commitment and there need not be. Questions fuelled by the same hope used to convince themselves, that running will lead to getting away. In wants that are unreal you find the sole source of hope, used to believe that Nothing and Reason have more to them than what they seek.

This end was set down when I was hung up. I don’t assume to have a choice in this. Any questions asked, or life spared, are for my own amusement. I can feel the poison in me and the weight upon me. Even if I differed I would not be the majority and they want to see how it ends.