There is one between me and a third of those that left me to sway. With knees digging into the earth, face pointed to the sky. I can only assume no one ever told her, prayer is never enough. Mercy is not a name I answer to, yet she insist on calling it out. She begs for a moment and surprises me by not begging for her life. She asks me of God’s will, as to what kind of curse am I. Holding form she continues her prayer. So I know one thing, I will continue till God answers it.

The simple truth, I am no curse just the consequent of their actions. Unwilling to except my revelation, disbelief reshaped her face. I remind her they abandoned God long ago, his will has no protection for them anymore. She asks about forgiveness in haste. If it was as simple as forgiveness I might be tempted to forgive. However Nothing and Reason will not abide a world with out consequences and I side with them. I am however in need of witnesses, so I leave her to her prayers.