Honest Mistake

There is a animal known as an Honest Mistake. It knows not malice or intent towards it’s victim, for it is only chance that brings them together. It is in this animal argues an Executioner, beaten and bleeding before me, I shall find my true persecutors. I had not considered this, so as he gasps for life I did.

I remember it all, hanging there dead but not gone. My audience never asking “what have we done”. An Honest Mistake does not take what is yours. Kick down your door at the brake of dawn and drag you into the light. Has no children to tell stories to about how much safer they are.

Reason fell upon him with out question, with out mercy. His argument a lie, a transparent attempt to save his life. An Honest Mistake takes no time to justify what was done. Could not have stood and stared, it would not have known I was there. What they did was not honest nor a mistake, it was organise.