It should have destroyed me the moment it had me. The Earth felt joy, but I am sure the shaking came from the pain I caused. Swallowed again, this time on better terms for it. The water had rushed away trying to keep me from entering. Neither it or I considered the power I handed over by stepping into the river.

Reason withdrew, water will not compress and I needed to wash this blood that clings off myself. The Earth saw it’s moment and tried to use the river to crush me. It moved slowly to ensure it enjoyed dissolving me. Water pushed into my bones doing precious little to relieve the burning within. Without a doubt it had me.

Time was on my side, the Earth should have acted quickly. Nothing boiled the water that found it’s way in. Reason returned and pushed the river aside, leaving dry land for me to walk away from its bed. For my trouble the law man’s blood had washed away. It was good to be clean even though I can still feel the stains.