Born Again

Your ruby lips may have made you new friends but did they tell why you were running. Why you needed to make a home in this place? This will not keep you safe, you robbed it of its sanctity the moment you stood upon it. I see disappointment fill your eyes. Are you surprised no lightning crashed from the sky to take me away? A child of God you may now be, but you are not the only one that changed. Or have you not notice only my Skeleton remains? I am sure that you soiled the waters you were baptised in. Did you think it would wash away? That if you were born again, you could begin a new with out sin? Is there truth in your heart, or will I be seeing you in hell? God may have forgiven you for your lies, for the arguments you made. I refuse to forgive, all must answer for my hanging. You could not hide from me. Now it is time for you to find out there is nothing that can be hidden from Him.