Filed under: SinceWhen • December 15th, 2008

Looking at Verizon Wireless Nationwide Plus Canada plan.

  • Unlimited Long Distance to Canada & the U.S. (including Puerto Rico). Coverage not available in all areas. Airtime charges apply.

I think it is safe to assume I am limited by my “airtime”. Which is fine I simple hate it when companies try to make something more than it is. Four bullet points down they say.

  • No Domestic Long Distance Charges

Canada isn’t domestic, should I assume then it has long distance charges? 

It seems to me in a rush to list features and make things seem better than they are. The person that made the site passed up the opportunity to list a features clear that might sell a few phone. I would appear that are no additional charges for long distance call made to Canada or the US. If they really need a “marking” way of saying, what exactly was wrong with something like…

  • Canada and the US is now local*

Wireless companies suck, why to they think figuring out price should be some kind of maze. 




* Airtime charges apply