Collating after Zed (Mac OS X)
Filed under: SinceWhen • August 28th, 2008


Because the opposite affect of punctuation marks is useful too.


Keyboard Shortcuts

1) The Apple Symbol (Option-Shift -K) 

As far as I can tell, placing it before a file’s name will insure that item is last in its list.

2) Other

Mu (Option-M) µ
Pi (Option-P) π
Omega (Option-Z) Ω

Mu, Pi, and Omega fall after Zed but before the Apple symbol.


The Input Menu

The ‘Input Menu’ tab is found in System Preferences under International. In there lies the ability to change your keyboard layout to another language. This is useful because OS X appears to rank none Roman alphabets after Zed.

I did some limited testing of five alphabets, here is what I found. Hebrew and Arabic letters will fall after Zed. It appears however that because they are right to left writing systems. Adding a name to the file isn’t as straight forward as it should be.

Greek, Ukrainian, and Korean letters also fall after Zed, in that order. I had no issue hitting “Return” then the arrow key to add a name to files with a letter from these alphabets.

A few things I tried because it crossed my mind. I tested out Option-P, it appears to get the Pi symbol along with the other Greek symbols from the Greek alphabet. On the other hand this “B” is Roman and this “В” is Ukrainian. That means you can have two files that appear to be named “B” in the same directory.


Why Do I Care?

I maybe the only one, but I want any folder I name “Вack Up” to sit at the bottom of the directory it is in. I also don’t want to add a ‘z’ to accomplish that. Wanting to know exactly where something is in a folder. Doesn’t mean you want it to be the first thing you see when you open that folder.