Posted in LittleTales April 24th, 2007

Montréal awoke, after one of his legendary nights, with little memory of what happened. This was not uncommon, he was after all known for having a good time. In his pockets he found three numbers all of which were without names. His charm had clear worked, this time however his good sense and memory failed him. Still feeling slightly drunk, he hoped his memory would improve as he recovered. The first step toward that end he thought was a good breakfast. A sudden craving he had for roast beef, fell right in line with his thinking.

Toronto awoke with simple plans for a lazy Saturday at home. He had stopped by his favourite deli the day before and bought some of the best roast beef in the city. Nothing was chosen on a whim, everything from the bread to the mustard used was selected to enhance the others taste. He had run into Montréal that night and couldn’t stop talking about it. His favourite thing to eat was a well-made roast beef sandwich. He had invited Montréal over for breakfast. His offer however was refused and somewhat rudely at that, he thought too.

So while Toronto was enjoying his roast beef sandwich, Montréal had already got himself lost twice and was still without any roast beef. He was getting very hungry and was somewhat surprised that his morning walk did not sober him up. He swore that if he ever remembered what he did, he would never do it again.

When he finally made it to the market, he realised that his heart really wasn’t into the idea of roast beef. In fact he couldn’t even recall where the idea to make a roast beef sandwich had came from. Already there he decided it was as good an idea as any, no matter where it came from. Unlike Toronto though, there was no attention paid to details in Montréal’s choices. He simply grabbed what looked good and moved on.

Still under the effects of the previous night, Montréal’s way home wasn’t turning out any better than his attempt to get to the market. Convinced he knew a short cut, he turned into the woods. An unwise choice because it wasn’t long before he ran into The Wolf — which sobered him up instantly. Panicked he did the only thing that came to mind. He threw the roast beef and the other things he bought at The Wolf. Then he ran away as fast as he could crying “Wee! Wee! Wee!” all the way home.

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