Suicide Dive
Posted in LittleTales May 29th, 2007

In the looking glass I view my nemesis. In it I can count my enemies. Their work against me, unfolding as far as I can see. I would leave them behind but I remember it is not good for a man to be survived by his enemies. Why make a suicide run when I can take a suicide dive.

This heart demands I feel what it feels. I ask how many times will I be misled? I wanted it as cooled and uncaring as I. It is the weakest of my enemies. Its own passions will consume it. The girl in question, all too eager to bludgeon it into pieces.

For the conscience more psychotic than I. The only reason to question this dive. I choose the few and not the many. I walked past the weak to find those with which you would side. Did you feel my smile as I pushed all your work aside, destroyed? I want you to know, all the things I leave behind, I leave to the side you most despised.

My enemies number three and my mind is enemy number one. It needs to know I am in control. Why can there be no balance between one thought only and every thought it knows. Why must it spin till it hurts. It is time for me to face my responsibility for letting it crush me with a fog of thoughts. Misleading me to every cliff’s edge. For going no further than what was needed for me to survive. Today I die, today I fly. My foghorn, a gun pressed to my mind. I refuse to survive.