All Was Sacrificed

Without you everything fell apart
Without you it didn’t stay black

Without you the light is blinding
Without you everything changed

All was sacrificed
But the Sun still came up

Shedding light on failed efforts
And the things lost because of them


I know this place

It welcomes me in
It shields the world

With no words on the past
On the things I have done

It smiles down on me
It will not judge

I call it home


Are You Inevitable

Were you always will be
Are you always was

Would any choice changed
Still lead you down this road

Are you where
You could not choose to be

Are you Inevitable


Terror is a friend of mine

Soft and beautiful
Skin pale like snow

Warm to the touch
Cold when close

She leaves no doubt
Numbs my soul

Terror is a friend of mine


It’s actions just not actions
I see nothing random when it moves

It plays it self off as natural
While dropping its pieces in place

Minute by minute day by day
There is groundwork being laid

I know it when I see it
I fear it’s organised

Victor and Victim

In this violence
There is no silence

I hear screaming
I see bleeding

Now is this place
Now can’t be escaped

Victor and Victim
Differ by two for a reason


The earth spins
Time pushes me forward

My stomach cries out to be fed
A body in need of rest collapses

I lay there long enough to note
Stones are not allowed to be still

I cannot stand here
Nature does not allow for it

New Disposable Me

Not like the old me
Now lacking use or need

Without wants
I am not real

Easy to put aside
Easy to leave behind

Lost, cold, alone, here
The new disposable me

Every Every

Everywhere in its place
Everywhere to its time

Everyone has a reason
Everyone has a choice

Everybody wants
Everybody gets

Everything dies
Everything should

In a word

In a word
Harts are broken
Life takes hold
Wars begin

The world was made
Nothing has value
Life is lost
And terrible things

Ulterior Motive

Shaped in the past
Blind to the now

The action in motion
Unknown to the actor

Pushed forward
By things forgotten

All motives are ulterior
All out comes unplanned

The Out Come

Never question the out come
It has no answers for you

Take it apart, rearrange
Its pieces say the same

What ifs, exist in vain
An exercise for the mind

Complete as is, reality remains
The out come will never change


Destruction is a friend of mine
Commissioned by time 
A master at work

Look into his eyes
See nothing unkind

When in his company
Best to trail behind

Destruction is a friend of mine

Just A Phrase

There are no nice guy
It is just a phrase
Nice lies get by
Were the truth fails

Funny and well dress
Modern definition for male
Substance now irrelevant
Replace by a phrase


This vendetta of ours
Possesses our souls

Woven into the day
It melts into the eve

A simple truth denied
Forever to be sustained

Only at night
Is star light beautiful


I relentlessly pursue
For it is all I can do

Looking to the west
To a moon that sets.

My hopes
My prayers

Tethered firmly to it.
Descends slowly with it.